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About IDS

IDS- "Integrated Detection Systems" is a worldwide leader in comprehensive solutions field for Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) and defense systems for facilities, airports, ports, military installations, correctional facilities, strategic facilities, nuclear powerstations, etc.
IDS’s unique and effective solutions have been selected for installation along in military facilities and sensitive sites.


IDS specializes in development and manufacture cutting edge Integrated Detection Systems for protection of strategic assets in a wide range of applications. Innovation and highly reliable technology that provides cost-effective for outdoor and indoor perimeter security solutions.
Our large versatility of sensors and years of experience in defense industry enables the protection of a wide range applications including: Banks, Water and Gas facilities, Solar Power facilities, Cellular Antenna Sites, Energy facilities, Industrial Warehouses, Airport Perimeters.
The ability to match customer requirements and budget with the appropriate technology, differentiates IDS from other suppliers in the field.
Our security solutions enable effective real-time detection, deterrence and delay of intruders enabling immediate responders to diagnose, decide and deal with threats and manage the site security efficiently.

IDS- Perimeter Security

IDS Line of Business

Developing, Manufacturing, Marketing and Maintaining of Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS)

IDS has provided security solutions for: Airports, Jails, Nuclear power plants, Sensitive Sites, etrochemical plants etc.


IDS is highly committed to providing the highest standard of excellence, an innovative perspective and unique solutions to meet client needs.
With several registered patents in Israel and the US in the field of PIDS systems.

IDS is a privately-owned company.


IDS offers extensive experience in various branches of the military and the defense industry, exemplified in the Company’s team.


The IDS team is comprised of former senior officers and former intelligence officers who bring manyyears of operational and technical experience to the design and mplementation of cutting edge securitytechnologies and solutions.


IDS offer a variety of intrusion detection systems, taking into consideration both installation andmaintenance(ILS) for the long term. The company continually invests efforts to develop intrusion detectionsystems of excellence.


IDS Main Products

  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS)

  • Vibration System

  • Taut Wire (TW) System

  • Integration Of Technologies

  • Fiber Optic System

  • Electric fence System

  • Innofence System

  • Barrier Fences

  • Volumetric Systems

    • Fiber Optic Detection System

    • Seismic Buried System

    • Advance Infrared System

    • Microwave system

  • Video Thread Detection Systems (VTD)

  • Computerized Control Center (CCC)

  • Mimic Maps


The Variety Of The Company Line Products Enables:

  • Early warning

  • Detection at the line of penetration

  • Delaying the intruder

  • Highly reliability detection

ISO 9001
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