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Video Analytic

VTD - Video Threat Detection

Analytics algorithms bring significant benefits in both live-monitored and incident review operations, work 24/7. Their use allows improved operational performance and an increased workload to be accommodated in a monitoring and controlling establishment without an increase in staff headcount.

Video analytic is real-time software that transforms standard surveillance networks into intelligent and effective detection and alert systems.

Video analytic identifies and generates alerts for a variety events relating to people, vehicles and objects.

Video analytic offers effective monitoring of multiple video sources in parallel, enabling automatic detections, alerts and responses to events, as they appear.The system integrates with a wide range of systems and it analytics on Unlimited Number of Cameras.The system features high Probability of Detection (POD) and low False Alarm rates (FAR), it has a reliable and accurate real-time video analytics solution, even in challenging conditions such as crowded and high traffic scenes, and severe weather conditions. Video analytics are available for all kinds of cameras.


System’s Analytics algorithms include:

  • motion Detection

  • Live Video Analytics

  • Unattended Object Analytic


Live Video Analytics

Analytic algorithms analyze live video and identify predetermined events of interest as they happen. Automatically-generated prompts lead to significant improvements in system effectiveness and improvements in incident detection hit rates.


Motion Detection

Motion detection can be used to alert users of unauthorized entry for Nuclear facilities, pipelines and telecommunications stations which require real-time detection. Users can define specific areas of interest in a scene and search automatically through a recording to identify and view any significant motion that occurred during the recording. It can be tuned using parameters such as object size and sensitivity.


Unattended Object Detection

Used for alarm generation when an object has been left in a busy scene in transportation centers such as Airports and seaports security.

Video analytic enables real-time detection of unattended objects, breaches to secure zones, crowding, loitering, obstructions to the traffic paths and even more, this feature is a key component in the timely management of dangerous situations.

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