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IDS Products Line


IDS products are all designed with the upmost precision and keeping longevity, reliability and practicality in mind.

Seismic Intrusion Detection Systems

Advanced geophone seismic intrusion detection systems, offers a reliable, cost effective solution to intrusion detection needs for different terrains.

Seismic systems are ideal for protecting utilities, military sites, prisons, refineries, estates, residential, industrial sites or sensitive land areas.

Vibration-Based Detection Intrusion System

The IDS-3000 Provides a Complete, Cost-Effective Vibration-Based Detection Intrusion System for Installation on Gates, Walls Grids, Fences and other Perimeter Systems in conjunction with a Computerized Control Center. IDS-3000 is an outdoor electronic intrusion detection system designed to detect attempted intrusions through a perimeter fence.

Taut Wire Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

The IDS-4000 combines a true physical barrier with highly reliable intrusion detection in one cost-effective product.
Taut Wire Systems are currently in use worldwide in all terrains and harsh environmental conditions, by virtue of their solid reputation for high reliability in protecting sensitive sites and facilities.

Integrated Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Combining the advantages of several highly dependable intrusion deterrence and detection technologies, the IDS-5000 is the best system available today for effective, reliable perimeter intrusion detection in border protection and securing sensitive facilities.

Electric Fence Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

An electric fence is based on vertical or overhang electrified wires
The system makes use of wires fitted on insulators and powered by an energizer that is capable of delivering a substantial and most uncomfortable shock.

Fiber Optic Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Fiber Optics provide for a hi-tech perimeter security solution that enables you to detect an intruders before they get to you.
This very effective perimeter detection technology uses fiber optic cable as the medium for detection.

Decorative Intrusion Detection System- An Innocent Looking Sensor Enclosure to your site

The D-Corative Fence is a reliable, non-obtrusive Perimeter Intrusion Detection Fence designed primarily for high security sites where appearance and a choice of color and heights are very important.
It is for that reason that the D-Corative Fencehas been, and is being installed around residential areas, airports, industrial sites, and other high security sites where a pleasing appearance, combined with the highest security standards are of primary importance.

Dual Technology Intrusion Detection System

dual technology detection system enclosed in extruded aluminum columns.

ideally suited for security applications in large-scale civil, military, correctional or commercial facilities which require a high degree of perimeter security and access control.
Combined microwave technology and infrared sensors reduce false alarms in a neat design

“Little Great Barrier”

Technological concentrate resulting from many years of experience gained in the sector. It represents without any doubts the best product Available in the market today in terms of security, versatility, and reliability.

All of this included in a pillar of only 28mm diameters. That’s why we say that it is a little great barrier.

INFRATRONIC - Advanced Passive Infrared for Outdoor Detector

Rugged, outdoor, and long-range passive infrared detector, designed to provide reliable intruder detection at distances of up to 150 meters.

Razor Mesh and Concertina Fences

Unique razor and concertina barbed wire fences for detection and security systems providing effective increased delay time for breach.

Video Threat Detection (VTD)

Analytics algorithms bring significant benefits in both live-monitored and incident review operations, improved operational performance and an increased workload without an increase in staff headcount.

IDS Computerized Control Center (CCC)

Fully computerized control systems, which are customizable to any client specification.
The Control Center is supplied as a standard PC workstation or as dedicated security consoles in rugged, environment-proof housing.

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