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Razor Fencing

Razor Mesh and Concertina Fences

IDS offers unique razor and concertina barbed wire fences for detection and security systems providing effective increased delay time for breach.Barbed wires and concertina wires are available in a wide range of dimensions.


Welded Razor Mesh Fence

Its features are uniquely suitable for delaying breach time and access control systems:

  • Formidable physical barrier virtually impossible to climb

  • Extremely hard to cut

  • Can easily be added to existing fences, or used as a stand-alone perimeter fence

  • Rigidity provides excellent foundation for a seismic intrusion detection system

  • Easy installation

  • Low-maintenance

  • Sloped uprights available in various dimensions

  • Razor spacing: Dense 75 x 150 mm Regular 150 x 300 mm

  • Fence Height:

    • Dense 1.6-2.4 meters (15 cm increments)

    • Regular 1.6-2.4 meters (30 cm increments)


Razor Mesh Type Concertina Razor Wire Dimensions:

Concertina barbed wire is available in the following diameters: 45 cm, 73 cm, 98 cm and 100 cm


Blade Style Concertinas are available with several blade styles to fit the level of detterance desired.

Razor Fencing
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