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Computerized Control Center (CCC)

IDS manufactures fully computerized control systems, which are customizable to any client specification.The Control Center is supplied as a standard PC workstation or as dedicated security consoles in rugged, environment-proof housing according to customer’s requirements and needs.

The IDS CCC processes and analyzes an enormous amount of data transmitted from various field units. The monitors display the precise location of detected intrusion attempts on an easy-to-read site map.

The CCC can be used to control all IDS detection systems/IDS provides comprehensive security solutions for enterprise deployment. By offering an integrated computerized control centre (CCC) which leverages telecommunications infrastructure, IDS can incorporate a number of security subsystems into a cohesive security solution.


Windows-Based System

The computerized control center is designed to integrate a number of security solutions including CCTV, access control, intrusion detection, digital video recording public address’ intercom and building management systems all communicating across a network backbone.

IDS CCC offers a turnkey control management system and the associated graphical user interface for managing the above noted systems within one environment, elimination the need for a number of separate control systems.IDS is offering based on standard network protocols and therefore the transmission of data between the device and the network takes place within the wired and wireless based on access and cost efficiencies. For non-network devices, CCC provides connectivity to Serial and I/O interfaces.

Intrusion attempts are also accompanied by audible alerts supported by the CCC’s integrated sound cards.

The system is operated on Windows-based software, which provide a convenient and user-friendly interface. The core for the CCC solution is a central management and control engine, designed to manage and control devices on the network both from traditional analog security stations and from PC workstations through the use of soft client controls. The unique benefit of this solution is that anyone with access to the network and priority through the management engine can access and control the system through the CCC and can locate devices on the network though and intuitive mapping interface/ this mapping interface is designed to respond to alarms from the event management system, instantly poping up a map of the location on a separate display interface and presenting the alarm with the associated icon and associated security devices and their controls.

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