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Taut Wire IDS- 4000

Taut Wire Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

High performance true physical barrier combined with highly reliable sensitive sensors, Taut Wire considered as the most reliable and robust solution for perimeter intrusion detection and Taut Wire detection systems are the most cost-effective solution.
It is physically prevents intrusions, has no environmental limitations and it delivers a very high and guaranteed Probability of Detection (PD) with minimal False Alarm Rates (FAR) and Nuisance Alarm Rates (NAR).
Taut Wire Systems are currently in use worldwide in all terrains and harsh environmental conditions, by virtue of their solid reputation for high reliability in protecting sensitive sites and facilities.

Taut Wire barrier effectively prevents intrusion and over the years, Taut Wire intrusion detection systems have established a solid reputation for successfully detecting and preventing perimeter intrusion and escape attempts while maintaining the lowest false alarm and nuisance rates available in the marketplace today.


True Physical Barrier

Taut Wire IDS-4000 Intrusion Detection Systems uses electromechanical sensors incorporated into a Taut Wire fence, provides intrusion detection and a true physical barrier.
Taut wire system can be installed as a “stand-alone” system or wall/ roof mounted or as an add-on to an existing fence.
A Taut Wire fence can also be installed on swing and sliding gates in order to provide continuous detection and protection to any perimeter.
For added protection, corners can be fully overlapped or just at the outriggers.
At correctional facilities, Taut Wire systems are typically installed as the inner fence providing both immediate detection and delay.


Low False Alarm Rate

The Taut Wire electro-mechanical sensor is not affected by Electro Mechanical Interference (EMI), Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), climatic or atmospheric conditions, including lightning and electrical transients from nearby power lines.

The combination of the self adjusting Taut Wire sensors and the unique high tensile barb wire provide for an extremely low False Alarm Rate (FAR) and Nuisance Alarm Rate (NAR): less than 1 per km (0.62 miles) per 3 months.


Environmental Endurance

Taut Wire IDS-4000 was designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including EMI/RFI interference and extreme climatic conditions. This fully environment proof system ensures extremely high system reliability, with minimal maintenance requirements over many years of use.


Eco maintenance

Taut Wire IDS-4000 Intrusion Detection Systems feature minimal maintenance rate per time of use


Computerized Control Center

Taut Wire detection systems conected to IDS fully computerized control systems,
which are customizable to any our client’s specification.
The Control Center is supplied as a standard PC workstation or as dedicated security
consoles in rugged, environment-proof housing according to customer’s requirements
and needs.

Patented, self-adjusting electro-mechanical sensors provide high reliability and maintain
superior detection accuracy by automatically self-adjusting to any wire creepage caused
by temperature variations, soil movements, or any other environmental changes.
This important, self-compensating feature significantly contributes to the reduction of
false alarms. Electro-mechanic sensors are connected to a central computerized control
center using advanced algorithms to analyze sensor signals and display detection events
on strategically placed monitors for effective response and action.



  • Taut Wire Fence Length: According to customer requirements

  • Taut Wire Fence Height: According to customer requirements

  • Taut Wire Sensitivity: Fixed and independent of climatic conditions

  • Deflection Force: 25 kg (55 lbs.) or more will activate alarm

  • False Alarm Rate (FAR): 1 per km (0.62 miles) per 3 months maximum

  • Alarm System: Combined alarm system and physical barrier

  • Alarm Resolution: Adjustable intrusion location resolution

  • Temperature Range: -40° to 140°C

  • Relative Humidity: Up to 95%

  • Rain, Hail, Snow: Unaffected

  • Dust, UV Radiation: Unaffected

  • Corrosive Atmosphere: Stainless steel option for high corrosion environment (galvanized is standard)

Taut Wire IDS-4000
Taut Wire IDS-4000
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