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IDS- 2000

The IDS 2000, an advanced geophone seismic intrusion detection systems, offers a reliable, cost effective solution to intrusion detection needs for different terrains. Seismic systems are ideal for protecting utilities, military sites, prisons, refineries, estates, residential, industrial sites or sensitive land areas.


The IDS 2000 is easily integrated with complementing security systems.
Geophone sensors are placed in or on the earth, asphalt or concrete to detect low-level intruder vibrations.
The IDS 2000 features detector and discriminator geophone lines for superior detection reliability.
Detector lines are placed where vehicular traffic is not expected, while discriminator lines are installed near highways, railroads or other sources of vibration.


Seismic Intrusion Detection Systems

Discreet Signal IP, RS232, and RS422, wired or wireless. Theory of Operation Seismic signals generated by any intruder, generate electric signal through the sensor strings, the electric signal is amplified and processed by the GTSRU (electronic board). The GTSRU innovative adaptive learning algorithm analyzed the signals to enable a reliable decision.

GTSRU can analyze simultaneously up to 8 seismic channels, integrate sensors from others security systems, fences, indoor or outdoor detectors and automatically activate systems based on definition, up to 16 dry contacts for any requirements (lights, horn, siren, automatic door locks, SMS, beeper, etc.).

GTSRU can communicate IP, RS232, and RS422, wired or wireless. Computerized control center hardware and innovative software can operate the system to meet any customer requirement. All signals are processed and analyzed to selectively discriminate between actual intruders and natural disturbances. The seismic signal processors compare signals generated by the geophones to a user-adjustable threshold. As each signal crosses this threshold, it is scanned for timing, count and other criteria. The system also compares detector line inputs to discriminator line inputs to filter out ambient disturbances. When all the criteria is met, the logic system generates an alarm. The alarm detects driving, walking, digging, tunneling, drilling, leaks, and other activities. The system can identify intruders in very slow movement in any weather.



  • All-weather system. Unaffected by temperature extremes.

  • Solid-state technology utilizes the latest in integrated circuit
    design and long term reliability.

  • A buried system is difficult to identify, approach or compromise
    enabling increased security.

  • Discriminator geophones screen out ambient noises and vibrations
    to reduce nuisance alarms.

  • An optional audio system monitors intruder noise or movement to
    verify intruder presence versatility.

  • Geophone sensors are easily installed in concrete, Asphalt, or dirt.
    Sensors are terrain-following, ideal for hilly or irregular sites.

  • Modular zoning allows easy expansion of detection zones by simply
    adding geophones and/or discriminator lines to the basic system.

  • Portable systems can protect construction sites or other areas
    requiring temporary security.

  • Outputs provided to drive sirens, turn on lights, and connect to
    a central station or CCTV Gravel Self-Locking

IDS 2000 Seismic Intrusion Detection
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