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IDS- 8000

IDS-8000 Decorative Intrusion Detection Sensor

Decorative Intrusion Detection System- An Innocent Looking Sensor Enclosure to your site

  • Flexible design options

  • Cost effective security solution

  • Innocent looking electronic fence

  • Practically zero false alarms

  • Requires negligible maintenance

The Decorative Fence is a reliable, non-obtrusive Perimeter Intrusion Detection Fence designed primarily for high security sites where appearance and a choice of color and heights are very important. It is for that reason that the Decorative Fencehas been, and is being installed around residential areas, airports, industrial sites, and other high security sites where a pleasing appearance, combined with the highest security standards are of primary importance. Due to the absence of any moving parts in the system, the Decorative Fence Probability of Detection, reliability and life expectancy are extremely high. The system is modular in height and length. Special provisions may be made to guard against cutting the bars to force an entry.

The Decorative Fence may be mounted on a low concrete base strip, or can be wall mounted, to provide an alarm when an intruder attempts to climb the fence.

The Decorative Fence provides unmatched protection for your site, facilities, and assets. Featuring customized panels and supporting columns fitted with concealed state-of-the-art sensors, the Decorative Fence is specifically designed as a non-intrusive yet highly effective alarm system for open and outdoor areas. Vandal-proof and tamper resistant.
Decorative Fence is immune to environmental changes, features close-to zero false alarms, and ensures instant and accurate detection of intrusion.

IDS manufactures fully computerized control systems, which are customizable to any client specification. The Control Center is supplied as a standard PC workstation or as dedicated security consoles in rugged, environment- proof housing according to customer’s requirements and needs.

The system is operated on Windows-based software, which provide a convenient and user-friendly interface. The IDS CCC offers hot back-up options, which allows backup computer to assume control of the communications in the event of a computer malfunction.


Physical Description

  • Fence length - Unlimited

  • Frame Weight - up to 100 Kg

  • Fence Height - According to customer specification

  • Frame Design - According to customer specification System Unit Processor

  • Minimum trigger force - 25 Kg (above the static weight of the frame) and above will activate alarm

  • Dry contact - N.O & N.C

  • Communication Output - RS422/RS485 serial communication interface.Environmental Conditions

  • Temperature range operation -25°C to + 72°C (-13°F to 162°F)

  • Storage Temperature -55°C to +80°C (-67°F to 176°F)

  • Corrosion - All system parts received anti corrosion treatment according with MIL T 152 all parts are S.S.

  • Humidity - 95% False Alarm Rate (FAR)

  • One per km per three months maximum

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