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IDS- 9000

Dual Technology Intrusion Detection System- Combination Microwave / Active Infrared Detection

ABSOLUTE is a dual technology detection system enclosed in extruded aluminum columns.

ABSOLUTE is ideally suited for security applications in large-scale civil, military, correctional or commercial facilities which require a high degree of perimeter security and access control.Combined microwave technology and infrared sensors reduce false alarms in a neat design.

ABSOLUTE ensures high performance intrusion detection.

ABSOLUTE is easily integrated with other sensor technologies in a complete perimeter security system. Dry contacts are provided for easy integration and expansion.


Minimum False / Nuisance Alarms

False alarms are often caused by external, environmental, atmospheric conditions, or by the movements of animals.

ABSOLUTE uses a unique combination of complementing microwave and infrared technologies to ensure extremely low false/ nuisance alarm rates. Genuine intrusion attempts are identified by the dual activation of infrared signals and microwaves.



  • IR Beam

  • Microwave

  • CCTV

  • General Convergence Diagram

  • Microwave beam

  • Infrared beam


Single and Dual Activation Modes

In extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain, snowfall or fog, when signals are attenuated, ABSOLUTE’s automatic
de-activation module disconnects infrared sensors. In this de-activation mode, microwave beam sensitivity is decreased automatically and the system functions using a single technology.

Expandability Integration The ABSOLUTE unit is equipped with two pairs of active infrared sensors and one microwave transmitter or receiver mounted on 2-meter high columns. The system is expandable at customer’s request, using columns up to 4 meters in height and up to 6 beams. Israeli Parliament House IR BEAM CC TV MICROWAVE

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