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IDS- 7000

Fiber Optic Perimeter Intrusion Detection System- For Those Who Are Serious About Security

Fiber Optics provide for a hi-tech perimeter security solution that enables you to detect an intruders before they get to you. This very effective perimeter detection technology uses fiber optic cable as the medium for detection. Any deflection in the cable is reported by the control unit.

It is often proven today, that detecting an intruder once the intruder is in your property is too late.Previous methods of perimeter detection either have low probability of detection, high nuisance alarm rates, high maintenance or high installation cost.Often most solutions available have a combination of the above mentioned problems. Alarms reported by other detection systems are often caused by the environment and regarded as false alarms.

The Moduteq Fiber Optic unit also has a unique feature enabling user to conduct automatic analysis of the environment. After analysis of the environment and typical alarm conditions, the unit will automatically determine detection parameters. The optical fiber cable can be attached to a structure or buried in the ground to detect deflection caused by an intrusion. Configuration as simple as the press of a button !


What Does It Offer You?

  • Covert detection

  • Not influenced by weather conditions like wind, rain or fog

  • Detection parameters can be set to achieve the best balance between POD and false alarms

  • Can be used in stand-alone or network mode

  • Can be used to protect various structures

  • Low maintenance l Easy user interface through LCD


Safeguarding Of:

  • Properties

  • Security Villages

  • Industrial Sites

  • Commercial outlets


Applied to:

  • Palisade Fencing

  • Pre-fabricated Walling

  • Underground

  • Suitable Wire Mesh Fencing

  • Under carpets and tiles

The versatility of the application of Moduteq Fiber enables this solution to be applied to protect almost any perimeter.


Structure Protection

The fiber optic detection cable can be used to protect various structures (such as palisade fencing, suitable wire mesh fencing and pre-fabricated walling.) Suitable structures must be rigid enough to ensure that deflections caused by environmental conditions to which the structure is exposed (such as wind), are not excessive. When attaching the detection cable to the protected structure, a method must be used that will ensure that:

  • Relative movement between the structure and detection cable is kept to a minimum

  • Points of attachment do not introduce localized points of stress on the detection cable

  • Minimum bending radius as prescribed by the cable manufacturer is not exceeded

Fiber Optic PIDS
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