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IDS- 9100

No Blinding

Opposite dual transmission technology. Each pillar is equipped with infrared optic able to transmit and receive and is absolutely identical to the others.Each barrier realizes a virtual wall consisting of bi-directional multiple infrared beams. This assures an efficient sun-light blinding immunity, granting installations also in critical environmental sites. IDS presents the new reference product for the active infrared barrier market.


PHOTON is the new “little great barrier”, a technological concentrate resulting from many years of experience gained in the sector. It represents without any doubts the best product Available in the market today in terms of security, versatility, and reliability.All of this included in a pillar of only 28mm diameters. That’s why we say that it is a little great barrier.


Technology On Two Wires

Full-duplex RS485 bus.

Only two wire connection between all the system devices, allowing them to exchange all data with high speed duplex communication, without electrical or magnetic interference problems.


Fantasy Has No Limits

Modularity - The different models available (25-50m range, 60- 110-160- 210cm height) allows a configuration modularity
that best adapts to all installation needs, with possibility to mount barriers as single, adjacent, sequenced, drawn up,
crossed or piled up.


No More Unwanted Alarms

Redundant technology - This technology verifies at the same time all the four infrared rays forming a beam, avoiding unwanted alarms caused by insects, birds, flies, or small objects.


Suitable For All Environment

Robustness, impermeability and elegance.

An aluminum case inserted in a special polycarbonate cover and an IP65 certified waterproof level give PHOTON excellent features of robustness and protection from atmospheric agents. The elegant design and the small dimensions make it an ideal choice where low aesthetic impact is required.

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