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Fence Vibration System IDS- 3000

The IDS-3000 Provides a Complete, Cost-Effective Vibration-Based Detection Intrusion System for Installation on Gates, Walls Grids, Fences and other Perimeter Systems in conjunction with a Computerized Control Center.
IDS-3000 is an outdoor fence mounted electronic intrusion detection system designed to detect attempted intrusions through a perimeter fence.

Fastened to the fence, our proprietary IDS 3000 vibration sensors detect vibrations caused by attempts to dismantle, scale or cut through the fence.
These intrusion vibrations produce electronics signals which are analyzed by an advanced Windows-based electronic control system.


The shakers system designed to detect attempted intrusion through a perimeter fence.
The vibration sensors fasten to the fence fabric and detect vibrations caused by climbing the fence or by cutting through it.
This system is particularly easy to install, Supplied with the sensors assembled on the cables and ready for mounting.
The sensors are usually installed in pairs in a line across the fence.


The IDS-3000 shakers has one of the highest reliability and lowest false alarm rates.

The IDS-3000 fence vibration system is suitable for installation on most types of walls and on most fences, including chain link, welded mesh, barbed wire or razor mesh.


The IDS-360 sensor is a dual-purpose sensor designed to effectively and reliably filter typical weather and noise signals and verify intrusion attempts. The sealed sensors, protected from environmental conditions are easy to install with no need for special tools.

IDS-3000 Fence Vibration System
IDS-3000 Shaker Sensor

Main Features

IDS-3000 shakers sensors are made from a special high-resistant long-lasting plastic that requires no maintenance.
The built-in electromechanical filter can distinguish between real and false alarms, result average of less than 4 false alarms per month per kilometer [0.62 miles] of fence.
The sensors and all electrical connections are hermetically, ultrasonic weld epoxy sealed assuring absolute protection from dust, corrosion and humidity. The sealing allows the system to be completely operable even under water.

IDS-3000 vibration system meets strict nuclear industry specifications and has played an integral role in providing a high level of security in nuclear facilities throughout the world. The vibration system can be linked to a Perimeter Control Center (PCC) that analyzes data from the sensors while filtering out false alarms.

With this technology, security personnel are informed of unauthorized intrusion attempts at the precise zone of entry.


The IDS-3000 Fence Vibration System is a very cost-effective electronic intrusion detection system based on technologically enhanced sensors that can be mounted on any type of fence fabric, transforming any fence/wall/gate into an intrusion-proof barrier with minimal modifications.



  • Temperature Range: -40°F +140°F

  • Relative Humidity: Sensors, cables and junction boxes are completely waterproof

  • Rain, Hail, UV Radiation: Unaffected

  • Lightning and Electronic Transients: Meets MIL SPEC A-9094D

  • Corrosive Salt Spray: Resistant

  • EMI/RFI Processor: Protected against induced voltage and no disturbance induced in regular activation

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