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IDS- 5000

Integrated Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Combining the advantages of several highly dependable intrusion deterrence and detection technologies, the IDS-5000is the best system available today for effective, reliable perimeter intrusion detection in border protection and securing sensitive facilities.
Combining taut wire technology and vibration sensors, the IDS-5000 is a highly reliable system with minimal false/nuisance alarms. Vibration sensors are mounted on the fence fabric while highly sensitive and advanced sensors are mounted on the upper sections of the taut wire fence. All sensors are connected to a VSSU - the IDS control unit which receives signals from the entire intrusion detection system, and communicates the data to a Computerized Control Center for analysis. The effective combination of technologies provides for an extremely high detection reliability and low false alarm rate.
Our environment-proof sensors are designed to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions and sensitivity of detection is unaffected by EMI/RFI interference, lightening or other weather conditions.

VSSU - Vibration System Sensor Unit

The VSSU processes the signals received from the fence-mounted IDS 360 sensor and transmits signal data, power supply data and sensor functionality to the Control Center for analysis. A dedicated communications protocol ensures Effective communications between all sensors and the control center. This flexible system uses a wide range of communication options, which are selected to fit customer specific needs.


Customer’s Needs:

  • Wire cables

  • Fiber optic cables

  • Wireless communications

  • Cellular network communications

  • Pager messages

  • 'Dry contact' outputs


The IDS-5000 provides a complete, cost-effective vibration-based detection intrusion system
for installation on gates, walls, fences and other perimeter systems.


Computerized Control System

IDS manufactures fully computerized Control Center systems, which are customizable to any
client specification. The Control Center is supplied as a standard PC workstation or as
dedicated security consoles in rugged, environment-proof housing according to customer’s
requirements and needs.

Taut Wire
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