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Fence Vibration System IDS- 3300i: IDS Integrators Packs

IDS integrators pack for small perimeters security using IDS-3300i sensor (Based On IDS-3000 adapted to the target market) and special designated controller.

With IDS-3300i, you are able to get top-level perimeter security, connected to your existing alarm system or any other security system using dry contacts, for cost effective prices (see available lengths and price list).


IDS-3300i has all the advantages of IDS-3000 as top-level vibration sensor, certified by military forces for perimeter intrusion detection and is part of many security systems around the world in military bases, power plants, chemical plants, prisons and many other strategic sites.


IDS-3300i designed in Israel by ex-military defense security engineers for maximum life span and reliability.
Each sensors is 2.0µm gold plated for long life span, sealed in unique polyethylene enclosure case, UV protected and designed especially to filter out rough weather noises like wind, rain or hail, but effectively detect intrusion attempts. Each enclosure case is IP65 approved, meaning water proved and protected from environmental conditions, and can be assembled to any type of fence or wall without need of special tools.


IDS-3300i Sensors line can be connected directly to any security system using dry contacts input or can be enhanced through GTSRU controller for improved filtration of rough weather and other false alarms like small animals or plants. The GTSRU uses advanced adaptive learning algorithms rely on different tests and intrusion trails to effectively detect the thumbprint of an infiltration attempt using cutting tools, ladder, digging or other methods.
Each GTSRU controller support up to eight different lines of IDS-3300i Sensors.

IDS-3000 Fence Vibration System
IDS-3000 Shaker Sensor

Main Features

  • Easy Installation without need of any special tool.
    The sensors can be assembled on almost any type of fence or wall.

  • Best Value for money, get top-level security in price and budget that fits to you.

  • High reliability of detection and low false alarms thanks to unique design of sensor case.

  • High quality materials and gold plated components guarantee long life span.

  • No maintenance is required after installing the sensors.

IDS Integrators pack connection diagram

Available lengths of IDS-3000 Sensors lines and prices:

IDS Integrators Pack Prices
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